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3DP Chip 13.1

3DP Chip lists your system devices and can download the latest device drivers
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3DP Chip is a simple, neat and handy utility that detects the devices of your system then lists the detected system components next to useful additional information such as the version of their installed drivers. This lightweight application also offers a fast and convenient method of updating the drivers for the enumerated devices.

Probably the most relevant attribute of 3DP Chip is its simplicity. It’s a very neat and lightweight tool that doesn’t include any advanced features or additional functions. Its interface is also extremely simple and straightforward. Even though it’s quite self-explanatory and intuitive, the interface is still not exactly of my liking. First of all, it isn’t customizable yet, it comes with a special design and garish colors that many people might not like. Second, and the more important reason is that many of the buttons from the interface will let you access important functions of the program, but these will open links in your default browser. I never liked when programs use the default browser for several of their functions and features, as the browser may already be clogged with tens of opened tabs, it also may be broken and slow down or crash the system, or may simply be different than the user’s preferred one.

Other than that, 3DP Chip is a nice tool. It’s simple, small, lightweight, and provides accurate data about your system components, being capable of detecting outdated drivers and solving this issue in a fast and effective manner. Furthermore, it’s also free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very simple and straightforward
  • Free
  • Lightweight, neat and resource-friendly


  • The interface cannot be customized or resized
  • Many functions and features are opened in the default system browser
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