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3DP Chip 20.12

Scans the physical hardware devices and provides automatic driver downloads
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Downloads the correct drivers for your hardware devices installed on your PC. Requires an active Internet connection because it queries an online server where the drivers are stored. Features a one-click operation to detect, verify the version of the installed driver and download them.

If you happen to have trouble making some of your hardware components work right, you may need to update their drivers. 3DP Chip checks your PC and provides you with the necessary information to download and install new drivers for your CPU, motherboard, video card, other multimedia components, the Ethernet card, and others.

The program comes in an extremely simple yet colorful interface, though probably too small to read the information it provides comfortably. Besides, some of the icons lack information about what they do – no messages pop up when you hover your mouse over them, and the images used are not really too informative. Some drivers are grouped under cryptic sections, such as “ETC”, and you need to click on an add sign to view them all.

These limitations in terms of interface navigation and legibility do not detract from the program’s efficiency, though. However, do not expect the program to download and install the driver for you – whenever you select one of the outdated drivers listed, you’ll be provided with a brief report in HTML format (that opens automatically on your default browser) with info about the version of the new driver and links to download the driver directly and specific links related to your Windows version. The decision to download and install one of those drivers are entirely up to you.

3DP Chip is an entirely free tool, and in that sense, it is difficult to be too hard on its many limitations. Though I’m sure you can find similar free tools on the web with a more accessible interface and surely a more extensive functionality, I don’t see any harm – either for you or your computer – in trying it out. It may well be all you always need to keep your most sensitive drivers updated at no cost.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Displays the drives that your PC components need in a snap
  • Shows the download information on your default browser
  • Backs up your PC drivers


  • Displays a hard-to-read, unattractive, and badly documented interface
  • Does not update the drives - only provides download links
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